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The Online Interview Creator ....

allows you to create  or download Professional Behavioral type Interview Guides.

It contains the Interview Creator Engine with its huge database of over 3,000 Questions and Behaviors.

It also contains  hundreds  of ready to use  easily editable Interview Guides for general commercial positions in the following areas.


  • Accounts
  • Administration
  • Office
  • HR
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Security
  • General services
  • Transport & Warehouse

With the Interview Creator Online

  1. You can create Interviews from our database of over 3,00 Questions/Behaviors.

  2. You can  edit the 'ready to use' Interview guides.

  3. Also you can add your own Questions/Behaviors and even new categories.

  4. Creates   professional guides  in pdf format.



Basic Version:

This is for one user and allows you to create up to 250 Full Interviews.

Corporate Version:

This has one main user and an unlimited number of secondary users.
You can customize the program with your own logo and details and even post messages to all your secondary users from your admin center.

For more information on our Corporate Version
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